MTT Turbine Streetfighter with Rolls Royce Turbine Engine

After creating MTT Y2K Superbike, the record holder as the ‘most powerful production bike in the World’, MTT has produced an even more powerful bike: the Turbine Street-fighter. This exquisite bike is powered by a 320 Hp Rolls Royce-Alison turbine with a 420 horsepower, 2000 rpm torque, and a top speed of 400 km/h. With carbon-fiber fairing and an aluminum frame, the MTT Turbine Street-fighter is bound to give you an ultimate road experience at the cost of $175,000. Hence, it is not only one of the fastest bikes and most expensive motorbike in the world.


The motorcycle has recorded 249 miles per hour a top speed. The casing is prepared of tubular aluminum, the carbon fiber 17-inch wheels, automatic transmission two-speed that offers power to Brembo brakes and the rear wheel.



Icon Sheene

The bike is made using not anything but carbon fiber, building it very light. The light weight frame even permits its engine, whose organization system was finished by AEM, to rev the motorbike more than 186 miles for each hour.



This bike is a one of its kind tribute to an icon of the motorbike World: Barry Sheene. He died in 2003 at the age of 52 so only 52 of these bikes will be made. Each bike is not only hand-built but also tailored according to the required specifications of the customers. It is the World’s first ultra-bike with a Suzuki 1400cc engine and a Garrett turbocharger. Each of these beauties will be hand-painted with a unique playing card by the same artist who used to paint Sheene’s helmets. With a price tag of $160,000


Hubless Harley Davidson



The Hubless Harley Davidson is created by the Howards Killer Customs. It took 4000 hours to complete this project. This bike has a 1969 Harley Davidson – Pan Shovel 80ci engine with a top speed of 100 mph. This sleek bike has a weight of about 700 pounds. Whether the future of bikes lies with the hubless wheels or not, only time will tell. But with a price tag of about $155,000, this customized Hubless Harley Davidson bike is on our list of the most expensive motorbikes in the world.



 Ducati Testa Stretta NCR Macchia Nera Concept

This bike is built around the concept of ‘simply beautiful and beautifully simple’ by the Italian designers; it is built to be high-tech, yet aesthetically pleasing. The use of light metals (such as aluminum) in the development of this track bike has given it a very light weight. It has a Ducati 998 RS engine. It is no longer in retail production which has further increased its cost so if you have around $201,000, you can still own one of the most expensive motorbike in the world.



Ecosse FE Ti XX-Titanium Series




Created by one of the World’s well-known luxury motorbike manufacturers, the Ecosse Moto Works, this bike will definitely add glamor to the collection of a die-hard bike lover’s garage. It is powered by a 2.4 L (2409 cc) billet aluminum engine, giving it an impressive horsepower of 225 bhp. Its other features include Grade 9 titanium pipes with ceramic shot-peened finish, hydraulic clutch, and exposed carbon belt drive. With only 13 units of production, this luxurious bike ranks as the one of most expensive bike.


The bike characteristics a 2.4i billet plant of the aluminum power, which can rip out a noisy 225 hp. And at the time you purchase this bike, you get not only the bike, but even a matching watch planned by BRM.


Ducati Desmosedici D16RR NCR M16



The bike is very powerful, with the design, wheels, swing arm, fuel tank, tails, fenders and fairing made of good carbon fiber. Some parts are prepared of avionic and titanium grade aluminum. It is even very light, approaching in at 319 pounds that is approx 15% less than the genuine


Yamaha Road-star BMS (gold plated custom chopper)

This piece of art is all covered in the precious yellow metal. Not only that, it also has a red velvet seat. This two-wheeled beauty was exhibited at an International Motorcycle show in Seattle. Custom made bikes are usually expensive but when their parts are gold plated, the cost shoots up like a rocket.  with a price tag of an estimated $500,000 you can own one.



Known as Nehmesis later than its maker Sam Nehme of the BMS Choppers, this characteristic a Yamaha Roadstar plated in the gold.




Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike

The bike is prepared with a V10 engine, 8.3 liter, which was caused from the Dodge Viper. With the hp of 500, the motorcycle can move at a great speed of 420 miles for each hour and can go faster to 62 miles for each hour in only 2.6 seconds.


This extraordinary bike, introduced at the North American International Auto-show (2003), has four wheels which work independently. Its manufacturer, Dodge, has claimed this bike to have a top speed of an unbelievable 420 mph, however, this claim has not been proved in practice. It has a (510 cu in) V10 SRT10 engine and a 500 hp. It weighs 1500 lb. This fast and expensive bike is only for the most daring of you out there. It has a hefty price tag of 555,000.


Jack Armstrong’s Million Dollar Harley

In 2010, the artist Jack Armstrong’s million dollar Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson was unveiled. It is the only million dollar Harley in the World. It has a 1250cc V-rod engine. Most importantly, it features Armstrong’s well-known painting style called ‘Cosmic Extensionalism’-a combination of extreme colors and textures and when you look from various angles, it feels like words are appearing magically. Hence, wearing a price tag of a million dollars, this unique bike ranks as the world’s most expensive some years back motorbike.



But i tell you, Harley Davidson has extensive been a much loved of American bikers, and lots of have taken the freedom of customizing their journey. Armstrong had his Harley Davidson norm painted utilizing his limited style known as Cosmic Extensionalism. with a price of $1 million dollar……….. men i wish i had one


Ecosse ES1 Superbike

I cant seems to belive my eyes when i saw this but with a hefty price of $3.6 million expensive more than the bugatti is the Ecosse ES1 superbike.

The Ecosse Spirit ES1 is unlike any motorcycle on the market.  The super bike of super bikes, if you will.  Don became a dirt bike enthusiast in his youth, prompting him to leave the corporate world and focus on his passion for motorcycles.  Richard and Andy are two of the top engineers and designers for Formula 1 racing.  With the same principals used in building F1 cars, the team created the fastest, lightest bike available.  Its speed comes from the ultra light aerodynamic design and powerful engine.  It is made with a frameless chassis covered in carbon fiber and a luxe leather seat.  The driver sits in a position that allows the knees to be close to the body for greater ergonomics and control.  Also it uses a different suspension system for both front and rear suspension, along with handlebars mounted to the front fork for superior front tire control.  It weighs about 265 lbs, and can go around 230 miles per hour.  This is a motorcycle that truly performs like a F1 car.


At the time the engineers of F1 from the UK were specially made to help make a superbike, speed was of course the first array of the day. With its compound construction and the system of electronic control, this bike is light, fast and simply handles.



The Ecosse team knows that the true motorcycle coinsure wants to be involved with their bike.  To meet these needs any perspective buyer will first meet with the design team to specifically build the bike to fit their needs.  Simple things like color and finish, as well as more complex details such as engine power and speed are decided by both the buyer and the team.  Next, Ecosse will set up a minimum of a two week training period with a championship racer for the buyer to truly learn what to expect from their new superbike.  And perhaps the most alluring aspect of the new Ecosse Spirit ES1 Titanium Series is that there will only be ten of these bike manufactured.

So, if you want to be one of these lucky ten owners, get in line.  But make sure you bring your check book, because this limited edition super bike has a starting price of $3.6 million.



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