The Strangest Airports

Agatti Airport

Agatti Airport, located in India, has been considered as having one of the prettiest runways in the world. The runway stretches right out into the Indian Ocean which has come under scrutiny because of rising sea levels and the relatively short runway (4000 feet). Nevertheless, this is still one of the strangest airports in the world.



Congonhas Airport



Considered to be Brazil’s’ second busiest airport and located just a few miles from the busy city center is what makes Congonhas Airport one of the strangest in the world. The airport poses a challenge for pilots on both departure and landing because of the close proximity to the city.


Barra International Airport




Located in Scotland, Barra International Airport is unique because of the beach landings. The airports runway is not useable once a day due to the tide literally covering it. It is the only airport in the world located on a beach, it’s obviously safe enough to land on when the tide is low but still, how strange!


Gibraltar Airport



Situated directly across the runway of Gibraltar Airport is one of Gibraltar’s busiest roads. This means that when the runway is not in use, it’s filled with cars and when aircraft are taking off or landing, the traffic is held up by traffic lights. All this certainly gives the Gibraltar airport its deserved place on the list of the strangest airports in the world.

Don Muang International Airport



Don Muang International Airport, in Thailand, is a seemingly normal airport upon a first glance, but on closer inspection there is an 18 hole golf course in between the two runways. A threat to the security of the airport means that the golf course has limited use by the public, but what a strange place to build a golf course or an airport, whichever came first I suppose.


Denver International Airport


Situated in the USA, Denver International Airport has been a topic of conspiracy talk since it opened. It’s been suggested that the airport is built over something that is kept as top secret but this just mere speculation. Adding ‘fuel to the fire’ is some of the strange artwork on the airport walls that have been described as disturbing and has come under much scrutiny.


Kansai International Airport


Kansai International Airport, located in Japan, makes the list as one of the strangest airports in the world because it is located on an artificial island in Osaka Bay. The airport is at risk of rising sea levels which has left it open to much scrutiny and it has been predicted that in around fifty years’ time, it will be completely submerged.

Courchevel Airport




Courchevel Airport located in France, as well as being one of the strangest airports on the earth, it’s also considered to be one of the most dangerous. Upon landing the aircraft faces an uphill plight and on take-off, it’s down-hill. Not all pilots are allowed to use the airport, only those who have obtained a permit because of the difficulty of usage.



Lukla Airport




Lukla Airport, located in Nepal, is considered to be one of the scariest and most dangerous airports to take off from. The taking off runway ends with a cliff, which leaves many passengers terrified, not only because of the cliff but also because of the need to maneuver between the Himalayan Mountains.



Princess Julianna International Airport


The Princess Julianna International Airport is located in the Caribbean and is considered to be the busiest in the eastern region. Located directly in front of the airports runway is a small beach strip and fence, which is used by many tourists, and can look to be very scary when there are giant planes flying overhead, making this one of the strangest airports on the planet.


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